Tanneries du Puy

Established in 1946, Tanneries of Puy is renowned for the traditional know-how of high-end calfskin fabrication.

Thanks to our team of almost 140 people, our location fast became one of the main leather producers, acknowledged for its expertise in the Boxcalf finishing, and became a member of “Fédération Française de la Tannerie”. Acquired in 2015 by our long standing client, HCP, we are committed to keeping our exceptional know-how within our local community. More than 50 % of our sales come from abroad: Europe (UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal…), America (USA, Canada, Mexico…) and Asia (Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, China…).

Process of leather fabrication :


Preparation of rawhide before tanning.


Transformation of rawhide into leather with the use of tannins.


Inspection of leather in wet blue.


Final stage of the leather tanning process: color, shine, grain and suppleness.

Quality control

Rigorous procurement selection.